Cooked chard salad, prawns, herbs and variation vinaigrette. 
      Spinach and crawfish, roasted pine nuts and praline butter
      Seasonal vegetables, vegetables with panache extra virgin olive oil
      Monkfish with potatoes and cabernet sauvignon vinaigrette.
      Grouper with shredded confit piquillo peppers and black olive oil.
      Rulo squid ink cream and juice.
      Lamb, with onion and potato salad variation.
      Gorrín confit low temperature
      Ribs and lamb sweetbread.
      Rollers caramelized pineapple, coconut, mango, passion fruit and chocolate mousse.
      Cylinder cream cheese, amaretto cake and iced coffee.
      Coconut and white chocolate with beetroot granita.

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Kitchen Type:

  • Creative
  • Fusion
  • Market


  • Air conditioning
  • Private dining rooms
  • English spoken
  • Nightlife
  • Hostel
  • Car park
  • Wine bar

Average Price Menu:

  • 25.00 €

Average Price:

  • 50.00 €

The Enekorri Restaurant is an example of innovation and constant updating. Ángel María Jesús Regueiro and Liberal establishment have been highlighted by the hand of a team that feels identified with the project. In the kitchen, Fernando Flores works neatly raw material and want it to be the presiding this dish, full of exquisite touches, lacking imagination. It is demanding. Send seasonal products. No more chemistry than this, that is something.
Just recently reopened after undertaking a comprehensive reform where diners enjoy a very unique property.